Summer Camp at

Baptist Camp Lebanon

Summer Camp is at the heart of the ministry at Camp Lebanon. Children live in cabins, teaching them to live together and to experience the benefits of Christian community. There is regular worship and Bible study with an opportunity for commitment to Jesus Christ. One-to-one relationships with counselors reinforce Christian Values.

Skill development and recreation are also important. Campers are taught how to play games well, and also how to play for fun. A balance between competitive and non-competitive activities is maintained. Programs are geared to discovery and togetherness. Campers have numerous opportunities to create happy memories.

While having fun at Camp Lebanon campers develop friendships and concern for the environment - all based on Christian Values.


2017 Camping Schedule

Jun 25 - July 01

Sailing Camp I

Grades  06-10

Jun 25 - July 01

Junior I Camp

Grades  03-06

July 02 - July 08

Junior High Camp

Grades  06-08

July 02 - July 05

Family Camp


July 05 - July 08

Primary Mini Camp

Grades  01-02

July 09 - July 29

Leadership Training Camp

Grades  09-12

July 09 - July 15

Performing Arts Camp

Grades  04-08

July 09 - July 15

Adrenaline Sports Camp

Grades  06-10

July 16 - July 22

Latino Camp

Grades  01-12

July 23 - July 29

Junior II Camp

Grades  02-05

July 23 - July 29

Sailing Camp II

Grades  06-10

July 30 - Aug 05

Senior High Camp

Grades  09-12

July 30 - Aug 05

Camp Survival

Grades  06-08


All school grades listed are GRADE COMPLETED in June 2017
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