Latino Camp

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Latino Camp, led by ABCNJ’s Latino pastors and staff, is for all campers ages 6 to 20. This is a bilingual experience that includes Bible studies and music with an emphasis on Christian growth. Campers will be divided into age-appropriate groups during most activities but will come together for meals and worship times. The week includes swimming, archery, and much more.


Auspiciado y dirigido por pastores y maestros de las iglesias latinas de la ABCNJ, la Semana Latina del Campamento Lebanon es para campistas de 6 a 20 años de edad. Es una experiencia bilingüe que incluye estudios Bíblicos y música con énfasis en el crecimiento cristiano. Los chicos se dividen por edades en grupos pequeños durante la mayoría de las actividades, pero se congregan para las comidas y los tiempos de adoración. La semana incluye natación, arco y flecha, manualidades y mucho más.

Meet our Session Leaders

My name is Angela Carrazana, but I mostly go by Angie. I am one of the session leaders for
Latino Week and a total music geek. It's one area of life I am most passionate about. Music was
actually something that pushed me in my relationship with God. When I went searching for
Him, my Bible allowed me to discover Who God is and my music allowed me to express love for
Him when I felt the need to offer gratitude and praise. Music has also been a part of my life in
camp. I've been attending Camp Lebanon since I was 10 years old and since I've grown, I've
been a counselor, worship leader, and session leader. Each year in the summer I make it my
mission to pray over every name I see signed up at camp and try my best to help make
memories to cherish for life!





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