Health Director-Camp Nurse

Salary $400 weekly + room and board

The Health Director (camp nurse) works under direct supervision of the Camp Director and/or the Site Manager.The Health Director will live on the campsite for the duration of the camp session and provide on-site medical care to staff and campers. He or she must enjoy working with children and youth.  

Minimum Qualifications

  • The Health Director (or camp nurse) must be one of the following:
  • -A physician licensed by the New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners to practice medicine or osteopathy;
  • -A registered nurse or licensed practical nurse, licensed by the New Jersey Board of Nursing;
  • -A person who is certified in advanced first aid, paramedic or emergency medical technician or first responder/CIM accredited by a certified agency approved by the Department as listed in “Recognized Cerifications (CPR-First Aid-Lifeguard Trained Pool Operator);
  • -Athletic trainer that has a valid certification from the Board of Certification, Inc. (BOC)
  • -Enjoys working with children and youth 
  • -Is mature in his or her Christian Faith

Responsible To

  • The Camp Director and/or Site Manager

Specific Responsibilities

  • -Live on site in Harker Health Lodge for the duration of the camp session
  • -Supervise health and sanitation at camp
  • -Review and maintain the campers’ confidential medical records
  • -Administer prescription medication to campers with receipt of written parental or guardian permission 
  • -Ensure that Harker Health Lodge is maintained properly and is neat and clean
  • -Report any maintenance issues to the maintenance crew leader and/or Site Manager immediately
  • -Oversee the initial health screening (including COVID-19 screening) of the campers/staff and daily health surveillance of campers and staff
  • -Handle health emergencies and injuries
  • -Facilitate contact with proper health care providers
  • -Maintain camper’s daily medical log 
  • -Check and maintain first-aid kits on the camp site
  • -Make appointments, when necessary, for staff and campers, with approved doctor’s office
  • -Ensure safety, personal hygiene and physical/emotional well-being of campers


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