A cabin counselor at Camp Lebanon should be an individual who is passionate about working with children and youth. He or she is enthusiastic about sharing their Christian faith throughout the week while living with and providing leadership to a small group of campers. To succeed as a camp counselor he or she should be positive, responsible, proactive, and caring while focusing on giving campers a fun and safe camp experience.


Minimum Qualifications

· Must be at least 18 years old or has had specialized experience deemed acceptable by the Director of Camping.
· Is mature as a person in his/her Christian Faith.
· Gives evidence of loving children and youth with a desire to teach and challenge them in Christian Discipleship.
· Has some training in Christian education and/or willingness to learn through reading and classes provided.
· Has a winning personality and displays the ability to communicate and work well with others.
· Prior experience in some aspect of Christian camping is preferred.

Responsible To

· The Director of Camping and/or the Site Manager
· The Weekly Session Leaders

General Responsibilities

· To accept the camp’s Mission Statement and to work toward its basic objectives.
· To be able to daily demonstrate the qualities of Christian living taught to the campers.
· To work co-operatively with other counselors and all other staff personnel
· To prepare well and present with excitement and competency the Bible curriculum program.
· To be open to the needs of each individual camper with a willingness to listen and to provide mature Christian counsel.

Specific Responsibilities

- Planning for Camp

· Complete any assigned readings and other preparations before your arrival.
· Participate in all training sessions.
· Participate in the planning sessions for all camps in which you will serve as a counselor.

- Opening of Camp

· Be “settled in” well in advance of arrival of campers.
· Help campers “settle in” and help them to get acquainted with their new environment and with each other.
· Introduce the curriculum and program of the week.
· Report any observed special needs to the Staff Advisor.

- Program and Activities of Camp

· Serve as counselor to a group of campers and be responsible for the group’s living together for 24 hours a day. Never allowing them to be alone without proper supervision.
· Be responsible for the health, happiness and safety of the campers.
· Help campers plan their daily schedules.
· Accompany campers through their daily schedules unless otherwise assigned and note participation and progress in each area of camp life.
· Supervise campers in care and cleaning of cabin and village areas.
· Set an example of manners, conduct and language.
· Set an example of promptness to meals and all activities.
· Ensure that the campers report to the infirmary for any case of injury or illness. The nurse will make the determination as to its seriousness and will distribute any needed medication.
· Follow precisely the provided procedures for reporting child abuse.
· Provide a serious yet non-threatening tone for any camp emergency that may take place. Know and follow the procedures carefully and precisely.
· Follow instructions for checkout procedures.
· Complete any assignments as deemed necessary by the Director of Camping.


· Pray daily for each of your campers.
· Take responsibility for your own health by getting adequate sleep and following good eating habits.


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