Our Beliefs

Our Mission

To provide an opportunity for individuals to live in a natural outdoor setting and in relationship with others in Christian community; to grow in awareness of God as revealed in the person of Jesus Christ; and to be invited to respond in Christian faith and love through commitment, growth and renewal.

Our Purpose

To provide for the study of the Bible as God’s special revelation to humanity and to provide experiences of cooperative Christian living in which the welfare of each individual is considered, personal responsibility assumed, and where the sense of Christian fellowship is broadened through becoming acquainted with new friends.

Our Program

Our program is designed to be an integral part of the education ministries of the local church, the American Baptist Churches of NJ and the whole body of Christ.  The camping program of the American Baptist Churches of NJ is intended to afford opportunities for persons to become aware of God and His love as revealed in Jesus Christ and to respond to Him in faith and love through personal commitment and growth.

Our Goal

To teach an appreciation for and/or understanding of God, through Holy Scripture, as it may be acquired through a Christian interpretation of the wonders of creation and the natural order; to train growing Christians in the meaning of Christian discipleship and its practice in church leadership; to provide friendly, helpful counseling in the solution of personal problems, utilizing the help of leaders with mature Christian insights; to develop settings in which new interests and skills can be experienced and practiced.

Camp Videos

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